Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Organza flower cards

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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Etsy Expats: Member of the Month for May 2014

This is a super article about us.

Thankyou so much Etsy Expats for the feature!!

Etsy Expats: Member of the Month for May 2014: Our member of the month for May is Jackie of StitchMikki . Congratulations Jackie! Jackie is a very talented textile artist.  As you c...

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Friday, 21 March 2014

The Ingenuity Team: Friday Finds! Celebrate Spring!

The Ingenuity Team: Friday Finds! Celebrate Spring!: Spring is finally here!  At least on the calendar if not weather wise.  So to kick the season off, I have some fun finds from Ingenuity Team...

Monday, 17 February 2014

Taking a second look - part 1

Having recently moved house, I have been having a good sort through of all my materials and artwork but even after a good 'clear out'  there was still an alarming number of boxes.

There will never be enough wall space for all the artwork I have produced over the years but it does seem a shame to have it all boxed away in the dark.
Not all of the artistic experiments were successful and sometimes I would find that a particular medium was not 'my thing'.  I suppose I held onto some of these failed pieces because we do , after all,  learn from our mistakes.

So that has got me thinking that it would be an interesting exercise to go back and revisit some of those pieces from my past.  Maybe some new ideas will spring forth from the old?

It will also be nice to have some digital images of the pieces to make up a 'digital catalogue' of my work.

 So here's the first find.

I had forgotten that I used to spend hours drawing these 'doodles' with felt pen then colouring them in.

I think I was avoiding doing homework or revising for O levels ... so we are going back a few years here!
 I would start by drawing one or two large flowers then I would add the leaves.
 I would draw other clusters of flowers around the page then fill in the gaps with swirls and tiny flowers.
 I have always liked lots of colour!
I am wondering how these would look printed onto fabric?

I have used printable fabric sheets in the past then embroidered and beaded over the top.  I think that idea might work with these.

I think these would make nice wrapping paper too.

Looking at these now ( over 30 years after I did them ) I can see that I still use this idea in my fabric art. This is part of a collage sheet I made up of images of fabric art pieces I have made.

This is another fabric art card where I drew onto fabric with fabric pens then added beadwork and hand embroidery.

Off to look through some more boxes now to see what else I can find.......

Thursday, 6 February 2014